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Keep your laundry room appliances washer and dryer in tip-top shape for your convenience, safety, and your budget.

Appliances can be a big investment, so it’s important to keep them in good repair. This means not only doing regular maintenance, calling a professional if there are any major problems. Some of the most common washing machine problems include clogged drains, water leaks, and broken parts. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t wait – call Appliance Repair Lethbridge for help as soon as possible! repairing your washing machine yourself can lead to unexpected complications or even worse damage. Make sure to have a reliable appliance repair team on hand to take care of your appliances and keep them running smoothly. 


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    What could we do without a Dishwasher or a washing machine?

    Our experienced professionals can work with a variety of brands of washing machines, and all types: from front-load washers, to top-load washers, or 2-in-1 washer/dryer combos and smaller, compact washers. We help install and repair smaller washing machines for your home, and larger or multi-unit work for commercial buildings and businesses. 

              If you notice your washing machine is leaking, is not tumbling and agitating your laundry enough to get it clean, or will not fill with water and soap, there may be a small repair and solution which our technicians can apply in a timely manner. Or if you’re looking to install a new, more energy- and water-efficient washing machine, we will install and answer any questions you have on regular maintenance.

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    What are the washing machine parts that breaks?

    Washing machine parts can break for a number of reasons, but the most common ones are caused by wear and tear. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it is important to take action:
    – Clothes that come out dirty or wet even after being washed in cold water
    – Parts that make loud noises or vibrate excessively
    – Water spilling out of the machine when it’s in use

     Contact us today if you are concerned with any leaks, damage, or possible maintenance needed on your washing machine.
    Common services and repairs:

    Washer Repair Near Me

    Dryers Repair

    Appliance Repair Lethbridge is here to help you with all your appliance repair needs. From dryer repair to refrigerator repair, we have you covered. If your dryer isn’t loading properly, it could be because of a broken drum or belt. To fix the issue, you’ll need to remove the top panel and check for damage underneath. If necessary, replace the damaged part with an updated model from Us! So don’t wait – call us today for all your appliance repair needs!

    We can work with, repair, and install all kinds of dryers, and can make your laundry room repairs seamless! We will be there for you when your dryer breaks down, or you simply need a brand new one, to ensure prompt service and work on this important appliance. A poorly-working or broken dryer can be a serious safety and fire risk if not promptly tended to or maintained. We can help properly install your dryer, and perform any necessary repairs, or annual vent cleaning and maintenance, to help mitigate these risks.
    A second common issue is their energy consumption. If you notice a spike in your energy bills, ensure it is drying clothes at the times indicated on the switches. If it is not, you will see your bills go up and up. 

    Contact us today if you are concerned with your dryer’s performance, efficiency, or safety; or contact us to book regular and annual laundry room appliance maintenance.
    Common services and repairs:

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    LG Appliances

    It’s important to take care of your appliances, not only because they can help you in your home but also because they can be expensive to replace. Follow these three simple tips to help keep your appliances in good condition:
    – Do not overload your appliance, overloading can cause them to break.
    – Use the right sized appliance for the task at hand
    – Oversized appliances or those that are too heavy can be difficult to move and could damage fixtures or other property.
    – Be sure to read the owner’s manual carefully before using your appliance, it contains important safety information.

     Lethbridge Appliance Repair is working in all the surrounding towns near Lethbridge: Coalhurst, Taber, Fort Macleod, West Lethbridge, Milk River, Magrath, Nobleford, and more.

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