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We can work with all brands of refrigerators and mini fridges on fast refrigerator repair, reliable installation and lasting maintenance. A broken fridge can result in mess, expenses, and can make your house unsafe. In the commercial world, it can stall business, and crush your budget. So on top of our experience with multiple fridge and mini fridge brands, we will also offer you professional, reliable, and efficient service. 

We will have your food cool or frozen again as quickly as possible so you can rest easy knowing that some of your biggest monthly expenses (groceries) are protected.Leaks are one of the most common fridge repairs, but if left unrepaired, can cause serious damage to the rest of your house. Other common issues included electrical problems, like with the circuit board  or overload relay, and with an Appliance as expensive as a fridge, you will want the licensed and trained experts to take a look. 
          Contact us today to assess your refrigerator repairs, to have it repaired, or to have simple yet effective maintenance performed.
Common fridge services and repairs:

  • Broken ice maker or water dispenser
  • defrost thermostat replacement
  • Relay and circuit replacement
  • Water valve replacement
  • Fan and coil replacement
  • Condenser coil cleaning
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    Common Signs Of A Bad Thermostat

    Faulty thermostat are common on old refrigerators. When you start noticing your refrigerator keeps your food too cold or not cold enough, it may be the results of a bad thermostat. To verify if your fridge works properly, rise the temperature 2 or 3 degrees and see if your fridge starts working. If not, well, it may need replacement.

              Your temperature should be kept between 34 and 38F, where its ideal to keep your food and drinks not frozen but still prolonging their life as long as possible. 

              If the temperature fluctuates a few degree too many, you may waste food and get sick providing bacteria have enough time to develop, and lead to unpleasant results.

              You can also keep a temperature monitor that you get for a few dollars at your closest hardware store. Even newer refrigerators are not exempt from breaking down. Nevertheless, if it stops working altogether entirely, you only have a few hours before wasting all your frozen goods. 

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    Ice Maker Defect

    Several issues can affect your ice maker machine. Most ice makers have a control arm, it could be out of position, therefore not able to respond Every ice makers feature a water supply line, verify if the valve is turned on and nothing is restricting the line. If it doesn’t make ice anymore, the water line could be frozen. Your filter can be clogged as well. Always proceed to verify the owner’s manual for easier solution. Every manufacturers has their own specs.

    ​What Else Can Go Wrong with your fridge?

     Lesser problems can affect your temperature. Your seal might start to lose adherence on the door frame. For a seal to properly work, the surface area needs to be cleaned and free to close easily. To increase its adherence, you can apply a slight layer of petroleum base jelly on its surface. If it doesn’t work, and the seal tend to be dry, it might be a fairly inexpensive replacement that help your fridge giving you an extra year or two.

              An easy way to test your seal is to put a paper sheet in between, close the door and pull the paper sheet. If the paper sheet comes out easily, it needs replacement as it became ineffective to work. If you have to pull hard then it means your seal is still effective.

    Don't let the chill go out of your life - fix that fridge

    It’s no secret that appliances can break down at any time. This includes fridges, which can experience problems like defrosting issues, ice build-up, and door failure. It’s important to schedule regular visits to your appliance repair shop to keep them running smoothly. Check the fridge often for signs of trouble – frozen food or water buildup are two common signs that it needs repairs. If you notice any serious issues, don’t hesitate to call an expert. appliance repair may not be the most glamorous task in the world, but it’s definitely important to keep your appliances running smoothly!
              Fridge parts that often break are the door, freezer section, coils and thermostat. Here are 4 common ways these parts can go wrong:
    – The door can break from accidental banging or frost buildup, leading to water leakage and stale air.
    – The Freezer section might fall off due to misuse or obesity; exposing food inside to bacteria and mould growth.
    – Fridge coils may corrode over time, causing your fridge not to cool properly – this could result in warped shelves or frozen food stuck on the coils.
               Finally, other refrigerator parts may need replacing altogether – depending on which part has gone wrong it may involve just unscrewing the screws (door), unplugging/reconnecting appliance cables (freezer), removing filter(s) and washing all of the interior parts (coils).

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